About The Appeal

Formerly known as The Bishop’s Appeal

Our Diocese is a microcosm of the world, with 126 diverse parishes benefiting from the resources provided by our diocesan pastoral center.  Your Diocesan Appeal gift will impact the spiritual life of Catholics throughout our 14 county area. Through your annual gift, in partnership with your parish and the Diocese of Albany, we will be able to continue to serve you and our faith communities through prayer and worship resources and an array of ministries and programs that ensure the perpetuation of our Catholic faith.

About The Appeal

The Diocesan Appeal makes it possible for us as Disciples of Jesus Christ to serve The People of God on a scale a single parish could not possibly do on its own.   By coming together through our caring and faith, each one of us becomes the heart, the hands and the eyes of our Most Blessed Lord, reaching out to those in need of love, compassion and spiritual nourishment.       


Every day throughout our diocese, faith filled individuals go out into their communities in the name of Jesus to love and to serve others in a variety of ways. Some minister to those who are homeless and hungry, to those who are ill or aging. There are teachers who nourish the minds and nurture the faith of our youth in Catholic schools and faith formation programs. There are men and women pursuing vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life in service to the Lord and His people.

2019 Bishop's Appeal
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