About The Diocesan Appeal…

Formerly known as The Bishop’s Appeal

The Holy Spirit inspires each of us to find a deeper sense of our individual missions and then to help one another to discover them to serve each other. Our diocesan family lifts us together in these responsibilities, aided through ministries funded through the Diocesan Appeal:

Caring for Family:  Allowing all 126 parishes to focus on spiritual ministry rather than administrative duties – Nearly 30 specialty departments serve each parish.

Future Shepherds:  Nearly 1/3 of annual Diocesan Appeal revenue pays for the education expenses of the seminarians (deacons and priests) who currently are 40 in number.

Transformative Learning:  Professional administrative services supplement small-scale on-site school staff plus financial assistance provided for each of the 4 Diocesan high schools.

Impact on Vulnerable Neighbors: Support of Catholic Charities programs like CC MOVE & the Emergency Assistance Program.

Be an active investor – join your fellow Catholics around the Diocese through generous support of your parish offertory AND the Diocesan Appeal at a level reflective of the role your faith has in your lives and your legacies!

Your Catholic Church strives to serve its mission and your family for a lifetime of generations!

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