Frequently Asked Questions

The Diocesan Appeal of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany raises the annual funding needed to operate over thirty ministries and programs of the diocese.

No. All proceeds from the Appeal are deposited into the general fund of the diocese and are distributed to the various ministries and programs according to budgetary allocations.

The Stewardship Office makes every effort to keep costs down in marketing and managing the Diocesan Appeal and other diocesan development initiatives. The entire budget of the Stewardship Office is 5% of the entire annual campaign goal. The cost of producing and mailing the informational materials for the annual Diocesan Appeal campaign for 132 parishes and over 100,000 households is less than 1% of the campaign goal. The average threshold for marketing costs in a  fundraising campaign of this size and import should be no more than 10% of goal. The cost for the Diocesan Appeal is well below the average.

The Diocesan Appeal provides funding for a large amount of ministry and program resources and expertise on which parishes rely and which no one parish could fund or operate on its own. The Appeal also makes investments in the work of Catholic Charities, Diocesan Vocation & Catholic Schools, all critical to the health and well-being of our faith community.

Among the offices funded by the Diocesan Appeal are several which serve our parishes by assisting with vital administrative functions, information technology, real property issues, training in ministry formation, religious education and stewardship.

Yes. Every parish in the diocese has a set goal which represents the parish share of the total Diocesan Appeal.

The diocesan Stewardship & Development office will partner closely with each parish to do our shared-best at reaching the Appeal goal to ensure continuation and introduction of new services and programs provided to each parish by the Diocesan Pastoral Center. There is no repercussion if a parish goal is not met.

In addition to supporting all the good works the Diocesan Appeal funds, it is important for all parishioners to make a gift to help the parish meet or even surpass its goal. The parish may keep 50% of funds in excess of the goal.

Whichever option works best for you! You have until June 30, 2021 to fulfill your pledge to the 2020-21 Diocesan Appeal which can be done through a one-time or recurring credit card payments, bill-pay through your bank, or via mail by check.

Yes.  You can make a gift online by going to the pledge/donate button at the top of this page. You can make a one-time gift or make a pledge. You can schedule monthly payments by credit or debit card and by electronic fund transfer. In making your online gift you can indicate the parish of your choice to credit.

Yes you can. Provide your broker with the following information:

DTC # 8862
Account number 808-04115
Account name –The Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany

To deliver actual certificates, please call the Stewardship Office at (518) 453-6680.