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Our diocesan faith formation services provide support and consultation to parish leaders (pastors, parish life directors, catechetical leaders, campus ministers, youth ministry leaders) in a wide range of areas: catechetical programming, sacramental programming, intergenerational and family ministry, catechist formation, youth and young adult ministry, and adult faith enrichment.

There are over 3,000 volunteer catechists who serve the children, teens and adults in our parishes. To equip them for their ministry, the Diocese of Albany offers opportunities for courses and workshops leading to certification. Catechists involved in the certification process get a foundation in theology, teaching methods and spirituality so that they can faithfully and effectively share our Catholic faith with others. Formation is offered through diocesan events like Spring Enrichment, regional and parish programs, retreats, distance learning and online.

Renee Morgiewicz is a catechist for 6th grade students at St. Mary’s Church in Crescent. “My sixth grade students enjoy learning about famous, inspirational heroes of the Bible. The students come to class with great questions and joy, which add to the intrigue and fun of the classes. Their inquisitiveness and abundant energy engage one another to learn more about their faith and to live out virtues and Christ’s love. I am very blessed to teach these good

Your gifts to the Bishop’s Appeal help to provide training and certification for catechists who last year served over 18,000 children and youth in parish programs, as well as adults.

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