“A Wise Investment, A World Of Potential”

The Diocese of Albany Catholic Schools.

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Albany prepare nearly 5000 students each year for the challenges of the world and the call of the Gospel. Children and young adults attending any one of our 22 schools thrive in a stimulating, faith-inspired and rigorous academic environment where minds are opened, hearts are nourished, and servant leaders are born.

Our students are well rounded and participate in a broad range of creative and character-building pursuits, including arts, music, theater, world language, service clubs and competitive sports, all while maintaining high academic standards, often exceeding the standards of New York State. More than 97% of our high school graduates go on to higher education. Last year, graduates of the Class of 2017 received over 26 million dollars in combined college scholarships.

Through grants and partnerships, we offer innovative learning techniques, prevention education services and early access to college curriculum all in a faith-filled environment. Our growing collaboration with local colleges enhances our curriculum and offers many scholarship opportunities. Since the creation of our competitive Higher Powered Learning grants in 2013, the Albany Diocesan School Board has awarded over $500,000 to our schools for innovative and creative projects.

The Catholic School Office provides a myriad of important support services to our schools, including financial management and guidance, educational technology assistance, curriculum development and assessment, marketing programs and communication initiatives, personnel services and Catechetical formation. Professional development and enrichment programs are held annually.

Together, the Diocese of Albany Catholic Schools recently achieved AdvancED accreditation, the first Diocese in New York State to reach this significant milestone, which shines a light on our many accomplishments and helps us to paint a vision for our future. Strategic planning is our focus with independently identified improvements being an ongoing priority for our Catholic School Office, Diocesan School Board and our individual schools. We are proactively adapting to our changing demographics by making sound decisions, ensuring that Catholic education will remain in perpetuity.

We unequivocally believe that we can instill intellectual, spiritual, moral and social values in our students, unlocking their full potential and transforming their lives for the good of themselves, each other and our world. Inspired by Christ the Teacher, it is our everlasting mission to provide a transformative learning experience for our students in an evangelizing community.

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