“We Are All Saints In The Making”

Your gifts to the Bishop‘s Appeal help strengthen our parish Faith Formation Programs.

Rebecca Cronin has been the Coordinator of Faith Formation of the K-5 program at St. Joseph’s in Greenfield Center, Saratoga County, since 2015, and a Catechist for nine years.

“Having a vibrant and effective Faith Formation program is paramount to creating life-long Disciples of Christ. I genuinely love teaching and sharing the Catholic faith with my “young disciples”. Teaching others about Jesus and His Church is an honor. I am able to share my love of God, and my passion of bringing others into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  I am blessed to have the ability to bring our faith to life. My approach is not to use a “workbook”, but to use all resources at my disposal to make forming our young disciples’ faith engaging, tangible, and real.

Our Catechists and assistants share this passion and are wonderfully creative! We share ideas and learn a great deal from one another. As a team, we continue to explore, strategize, and plan new initiatives to grow and strengthen our Faith Formation experience. We can no longer do things the same as we’ve always done them and expect successful results. We strive to meet the families “where they’re at”, and provide opportunities for them to be spiritually fed and ultimately develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

Recently one of our Faith Formation parents shared this: “My kids really love Faith Formation and are disappointed when they don’t have it – a true testament to your efforts to shape the program!”

Faith Formation is creating and developing a fundamental foundation for all those entrusted to our care to live out a holy life. We’re all saints in the making!“

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